I BELIEVE in Pan Americanism and everything it stands for;

I BELIEVE in the basic unity of the countries of this hemisphere;

I BELIEVE that spiritual unity can be achieved through the Pan American Round Tables;

I BELIEVE that every woman in this movement is sincere in her desire to promote friendship and understanding;

I BELIEVE friendship and understanding can only be gained through tolerance;

I BELIEVE that the "Golden Rule: should be applied in every phase of our Pan American work;

I BELIEVE that if we stand united, we can attain what we are striving for;

I BELIEVE that through our joining hands in mutual friendship, tolerance, good faith and good will, Pan Americanism can become a reality;

I BELIEVE that Pan Americanism is our only defense against imported doctrines, therefore we should give our all to it in defense of our Hemisphere;

I BELIEVE in Pan Americanism as a way of life;

And, because I BELIEVE, I so pledge my efforts to this end.

Emma E. de Gutierrez Suarez
Director General, 1962-1964

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