(Some history from Panamericana Texana, Vol. 1 No. 2, Oct 1, 1954 Mrs. A. B. Pumphrey (Dave), State Director)


One of the major tenets of the Pan American Round Table movement, as advanced by the founder herself, is that "understanding and friendship among the American Republics can be attained not through legislation but through education". Naturally then, a great interest in education has been fostered as a vital element of our program from our earliest beginnings. During Mrs. Griswold's lifetime there was initiated in San Antonio, locale of the first Pan American Round Table, a Scholarship Fund which it was hoped would one day grow into an amount adequate to provide a perpetual grant to assist deserving foreign students in the prosecution of their studies.

Small personal contributions were enhanced in time by additional gifts from Texas Tables. After Mrs. Griswold's death the fund was designated the "Florence Terry Griswold Scholarship Fund" in her memory, and a goal of $5000 was set as a minimum before a scholarship should be offered. In March 1950, San Antonio was designated the permanent locale of the fund, and Mrs. Walter Nolte was named first chairman, with Mrs. Claude R. Nobles as co-chairman. The fund at that time amounted to $565 and was deposited in the San Antonio Savings and Loan Association at 2 1/2% interest, payable semi-annually, which rate has since been increased to 3%.

This year (1954) a committee, consisting of Mrs. D'Arcy M. Cashin, Houston, Mrs. Chester Bradley, Dallas, and Mrs. Connie McElroy, Kountze, was named to assist in accelerating the accumulation of the minimum amount. Suggestions have been received to the effect that each Table contribute $50 annually until the suggested minimum shall have been reached, and that members be encouraged to make individual contributions (tax-free) to help swell the fund, which now stands at $1566. 59.

Now that activities are about to be resumed for the new year, each Table is urged to give serious consideration to this statewide project and to include in the new budget a representative quota that will enable the Texas organization to bring this worthy objective to early fruition. All members are also especially invited to make suggestions or recommendations for the furtherance of this project. Aside from the personal pride and satisfaction each member can feel in this enterprising and ambitious program, it will act to give us a raison dêtre, a convincing argument in the promulgation of Pan American Round Table ideals and traditions throughout our State and beyond its borders.

Submitted by Mrs., Claude R. Nobles (1954)

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