What follows is an excerpt from The Pan American Round Table, Lois Terry Marchbanks, Avon Behren Press, 1983, (125).

In the spring of 1957, Mrs. Charles G. Cryer invited a representative group of women to her home to organize a Pan American Round Table. Mrs. W.B. McComb of Conroe, State Director, was the guest speaker. She welcomed the group as one of the "largest beginning groups" of the Pan American Tables in Texas.

The new organization was sponsored by the Ft. Worth Table. Members of that supportive group were: Mrs. A.B. Pumphrey, Mrs. A.J. Wylie, Mrs. Samuel Jagoda and Mrs. Jack Daly.

In March 1958, Mrs. A.J. Wylie, Associate State Director, aided the Waco Table in receiving both the State and the Alliance Charters. Mrs. Wylie and Mrs. Nathan Simmons, sister of Mrs. Cryer planned to bring the Charters to Waco, but weather conditions interfered. Instead, they were airmailed from the Alliance Director, Ottilia de Chavez of Brazil.

The Waco Table was host to the State Convention, March 30-April 2,198 1. An outstanding event was a cruise on the Brazos Queen, carrying out the theme: "Along The Chisholm Trail."

Mrs. Charles G. Cryer

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