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ALLIANCE OF PAN AMERICAN ROUND TABLES ARCHIVES are located with the Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas at Austin.

PAN AMERICAN ROUND TABLES OF TEXAS ARCHIVES moved from San Antonio to the Texas State Library in Austin in the 1970's. The collection returned to the UT San Antonio Library in late Fall 2004. If material is needed for research from the archives, email UTSA Special Collections. To ask questions about retention or disposal of specific record, please contact Amy Rushing, Head of Special Collections, UTSA (210) 458-5984 or email at Or email the PARTT Archives Chair, Laura discuss visiting or contributing material to the PARTT archives. An index of the material available can be found here. The PART of Texas website at includes scanned copies of much of the material transferred to UT San Antonio Library system.

Pan American Round Tables of Texas

Listing of Tables with indiviual archive locations:
  • Austin - Records located at the Center for American History, Barker Texas History Center, The University of Texas at Austin. (see above)
  • Brownsville I (2015) - PART I archives are located at the Brownsville Historical Association-Heritage Complex.
  • Dallas III - Table Historian, Lorraine Watson, maintains Table documents.
  • El Paso-Juarez (2015) - Table records are stored with the Special Collections at the University of Texas at El Paso Library.
  • Houston - The current Table Historian keeps the Archives in her home.
  • McAllen - The McAllen Table archives have been stored for many years at the home of long-time member, Archives Chairman Yolanda Barrera in McAllen, Texas.
  • Rio Grande City-Roma - Table archives are passed on to each new Director for safe keeping.
  • San Antonio (2015) - Archives are located at University of Texas at San Antonio. A listing of the items found in the collection can be found here.